Wednesday, June 6, 2012

La Mezquita

Cordoba is famous for La Mezquita.  There are lots of buses full of tourists that visit each day.  Last week we had the opportunity to visit La Mezquita too, which is an obvious must see when coming to Cordoba.  My class had a personal tour guide that took us all around the Mezquita and shared her knowledge with us.  The tour was completely in Spanish, obviously, but I had trouble paying attention for the whole time.  I was distracted by the beauty of La Mezquita.  I wish that I could explain it, or at least show pictures that would convey the beauty of the place, but neither do it justice.  The amount of detail and splendor is indescribable. 

La Mezquita was originally a mosque, but after the Spanish reconquest it was transformed into a Catholic church.  There is so much history that makes this such an incredible place to visit and learn about.  I had the opportunity to attend church there this past Sunday although it was in a small chapel and not the main altar.  Still it was beautiful. 

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