Friday, June 8, 2012


The singers and guitarists
Three Flamenco Dancers
We had the pleasure of attending an excellent Flamenco show last week.  The show was in a courtyard area and we had front row seats!  The show began with a solitary man playing the guitar in the dark.  He seemed to be one with the music and I could almost see the music by his facial expressions.  Then a man came out.  He reminded me of someone that would be in the Mafia.  Wearing all black, shaved head, stout, and strong.  Then he belted out some beautiful song.  It was incredible!  He was joined by a young, petite woman and another guitarist.  The band was assembled.  Then came the dancers.  First was a man and woman couple.  They each had little clappers in their hands that added so much to the music.  I don't even know how they moved their fingers that quickly.  There were 5 acts total.  Besides the first one, they stomped their feet instead of using clappers.  I didn't know they did that, but it was so cool!  I was worn out just watching the dancers. The dancers faces looked full of pain.  It was amazing experience.  Andalusia is well-known for their flamenco dances and it is a must-see when visiting Spain.

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