Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Classroom Norms in Spain

In our culture class today we discussed the norms that are expected in classrooms in Spain.  I shocked at some of the things students in Spain are not allowed to do.  I have done almost all of them in class here and at home in Kansas.  It seems that the classrooms here are much more strict.  Since I am in a class with only students from K-State we did not pick up on these norms from other students.  We had a discussion about them today.  Fortunately our teachers do not enforce them with us.  Here is what we learned:
  • No food or drinks (water is okay)
  • No gum
  • No leaving the classroom to go to the bathroom
  • No slouching in your chair
  • No flip flops
  • No cell phones
  • No pencils on exams
These would be hard changes to get used to if I had to follow these rules!  I like that US classrooms are more relaxed, at least depending on the teacher.

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