Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Los Baños de España

There are several important things to know about the bathrooms in Spain that I have learned thus far.  First of all, the thing used to flush the toilet is usually on top.  In most instances it is necessary to push down, but don't be tricked by the few that require you to pull up.  The first time I used the toilet in my house I was pushing down with all my might for a long time, until I realized I just needed to pull it up.  Second, it is not uncommon to not have a trashcan in the bathroom.  Improvise!  Adapt to the differences.  Third, bathrooms in Spain are not labeled "men" and "women", but rather "callaberos" y "damas".  The "damas" is for ladies and "caballeros" is for gentlemen.  Don't be confused as I was by "C" and "D".  Creeping into the bathrooms because you're not sure which is which is sure to get you some funny looks.  Finally, there are public restroom located along the street (picture) that are available for a small fee, about 0.3 Euros.  But be quick because there is a 15 minute time limit!

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