Monday, May 28, 2012

Faculty-Led Study Abroad

I am studying abroad in Cordoba, Spain with a group from K-State.  It is led by a faculty advisor, Dra. Anna Hiller.  She also has the help of a graduate student.  There are 14 total students in our group.  There are only 2 boys and the rest are girls.  I am surprised by the uneven ratio, more boys need to go on these study abroad trips!  The faculty-led trips are great because it is completely organized by the professor.  She has taken care of all the important details and I feel so much safer knowing that she is near-by.  I have also very much appreciated knowing other students from K-State on the trip.  We also flew here together and the stress of the trip has been so much less.  I suggest a faculty-led trip if you feel the need for extra security and aren't completely sure about how confident you are traveling in another country alone.  However, there are some drawbacks.  All 4 of my classes are with all the same people, from K-State.  It is not easy to meet other students at the University who are not in our group.  Sometimes I also feel like our group is very large and we receive a lot of stares.  Still, I am very glad that I am with this group from K-State.  I feel less homesick and more comfortable.  About half of the time I am with the entire group and the rest of the time I am on my own or with just a few others.  Overall I think the decision about a faculty-led trip or not comes down to how confident and comfortable you would be traveling alone.

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